Philanthropic Initiatives

Leading fun88下载’s community development and scholarly initiatives, fun88下载 Foundation for Art and Education was formally accredited as a non-profit by the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs in 2018, and works under the aegis of the Beijing Bureau of Culture. The foundation is dedicated to serving the public and the culture through programs which focus on the two core areas of children’s education and academic research. fun88下载 launched its earliest children’s education initiatives in 2008, drawing from its expansive network of artists and educational professionals to share the power of art with underserved children; these activities have since grown into a range of curricula and programs designed to help children who would otherwise lack access to develop new ways of relating to the world around them, create their own original artworks, and learn to think like artists. Meanwhile, the foundation also supports scholarly research, communication, publication, and exchange around the field of contemporary art in China, helping to stimulate the discourse around artistic production and circulation.